5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 66 reviews)
Very good0%

Professional and Courteous

5.0 rating
October 19, 2021

Their business is professional and respectful. Their accommodations and willingness to work with someone is outstanding. No hassle, no BS. I made a mistake on my end, and they were very helpful. Thank you!


Awesome business!

5.0 rating
September 26, 2021

I absolutely adore this company. The women that take the orders are always so sweet and down to earth. The herb is always super good quality. Even the delivery’s are kind, on time, and smooth. We love OG discount pharmacy.

Danielle Adler

The best in the hd !!!

5.0 rating
September 1, 2021

Got tried of smoking shake one day went on the og discount pharmacy dude its so fire


Best DP in the High Desert

5.0 rating
August 27, 2021

Great buds friendly service I would recommend to anyone

Eric Lowe


5.0 rating
June 29, 2021

This is the best in the High desert!! Always on time and great buds.


Great prices, great service, & great product!!!

5.0 rating
May 31, 2021

Their 7g for $50 is my favorite deal with these guys! It comes with a wax infused cookie of your choice of either chocolate chip or snickerdoodle…my personal favorite is the snickerdoodle. It’s fresh, soft, and amazing 😂. They have never left me wondering where in the hell they’re at. They’re friendly and knowledgeable, on top of always striving to help you get what you’re looking for, or the next best thing. They are all around my go-to delivery service! Definitely tip worthy 🙂

Emily J.

Best dispensary in HIGH Desert

5.0 rating
May 14, 2021

Top Shelf Indoor HiGH Quality always consistently Bomb Highly Recommended Prices CANNOT Be Best for the product they Provide Glad I found OG Pharmacy New Go To Shop 💯💯👊

Jesus Chacon

Best dispensary ever

5.0 rating
May 9, 2021

Great quality,great service,very reliable, best employees from front desk to delivery driver’s. I love you OG


Good job OG

5.0 rating
April 20, 2021

So I’ve been ordering from og since Apr 2016. And after all these years its always a pleasure to get my buds from u guys. The ladies answering the phones are always courteous and the delivery peeps are always kool. Although there was no 420 celebration for a 2nd year now. Thanks for the pre-rolls. Keep up the good buds!!


Excellent service 100%

5.0 rating
April 17, 2021

I have been using OG Discount for my medical marijuana needs now. The staff are always friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. My order is always correct and the one time that it wasn’t, they more than made up for it. And free edibles with every order? Five Stars!!One of the best in the high dessert always has the fire and big buds love the deals. Thank you Og discount.

Trino A Hernandez

Always awesome

5.0 rating
March 16, 2021

I’ve been going here for years and have tried a few other places but OG always has quality buds. Great service and prices. I recommend them to anyone who asks where I pick up from 😉

Sabra linder

It's a game changer

5.0 rating
March 7, 2021

I saw a post on facebook about them. I was using a few delivery services and finally after a few years I’ve found my people. OG Discount Pharmacy is always a treat to order from. I check their menu’s online, see what I want ahead of time. Most the time it’s the daily deals because I’ve yet to see those prices beat. I even got a glass piece from them. That was the game changer for me. Haven’t been disappointed once.

Michael Trujillo

High desert greatest

5.0 rating
November 1, 2020

Been dealing with these guys for 5 years now and they have never let me down best in high desert hands down thanks guy don’t know what I do without you guys ❤ 💙 ♥ 😉 💕 💜

Nikita willis

One of the best in the high dessert

5.0 rating
November 1, 2020

One of the best in the high dessert

Daveed Ratsamy

One of the best in the high dessert

5.0 rating
November 1, 2020

One of the best in the high dessert always has the fire and big buds

Daveed Ratsamy

Outstanding service.

5.0 rating
September 28, 2020

I’ve been using them for the past 3years never had a order problem and there products are always on point, I wish more people would put more reviews so when you want something strong you know what to pick and when you want to mellow out.

Richard Briano

Always good

5.0 rating
September 10, 2020

I’ve been with them about 4 yrs. I have the limited edition T Shirt for my 100th order. I try others out when in other areas but always come back to OG Dicount when in town. They always give an honest opinion when I don’t know what to choose.


Great service.😊

5.0 rating
September 7, 2020

I’ve been a customer for about three years the drivers are very polite and courteous and the girls who take your orders are very informative of there products love you guys.

Richard Briano

Og Still Rockin

5.0 rating
August 26, 2020

So I’ve been with OG for four years now and you guys still have the best daily specials. I ordered a Stiizy cart that was no good and you guys did a gr8 job getting a replacement to me. Thank you to Dawn and all delivery drivers u guys are gr8.


Excellent Service

5.0 rating
August 16, 2020

So glad I took a chance. Great quality and Great service! Thanks so much.I will for sure be referring and returning!


Best deals

5.0 rating
July 22, 2020

Best buds


My favorite shop of the High Desert!

5.0 rating
June 3, 2020

My roommate and I have been going through OG for quite a few months now and we love it! We recommend all of our friends to the shop with persistence!
From the very start everyone is friendly and helpful! Even at their busiest of times I have never felt rushed when ordering. Over time the staff answering phones have gotten to know us and our preference in medication.
The drivers are always professional! The 15 minute heads up call is super helpful and extremely helpful!
The medication! As a mainly exclusive indica smoker this shop rarely disappoints. I smoke like a chimney in Russian winter… So the daily specials are super convenient for my lifestyle!
Thank you guys all so much! You’re doing a great job!
Looking for a new shop? This is definitely the hitter!!!!


🔥🔥Chainsmokers only

5.0 rating
May 3, 2020

Considering ima chain smoker usually head to la for my celeb o.g y’all have made my life so much better no more traveling and it’s delivered to me!! The consistency with the 24 killa one of my favorite house strains y’all have and that yoda supreme have been my favorites so far keep the good work up y’all a great team 🖤

Desiree Dominguez 🔥

Whole in one.

5.0 rating
April 29, 2020

I have had my license for about a decade and I have not found a dispensary that takes care of a customer/patients as well as OG DISCOUNT.
They always give you more then you pay for and the medicine never falls below top shelf quality.
This place assures quality and quantity regardless of the amount you decide to buy.
Such a good deal i tip extra extra because no where else does business quite like OG Discount.


Happy customer

5.0 rating
April 7, 2020

I love this dispensary they have the best quality in the high desert. They’re always on time and very friendly customer service…

Monique Browder

Best Choice in the Desert

5.0 rating
March 27, 2020

10/10 for having the highest quality products at normal prices. This place is all you need in the HD

Falisha G

Good job Og

5.0 rating
March 24, 2020

You guys still have the best specials on a daily basis. The 24k has been fire as well as the other buds. Good job to a Jennifer, its always a pleasure to talk to you. Good job to all delivery peeps also


🔥🔥& Great Customer Service

5.0 rating
March 17, 2020

The strains have all been 🔥🔥Af… the reps and drivers are Kool great attitude. Best weed in high desert I will be bringing all my family to dog pharmacy…..


Great team

5.0 rating
March 17, 2020

I have only been using this dispenser for great prices flower and edibles

Beth Monaghan

Always the best meds and service!

5.0 rating
March 3, 2020

From the amazing people that answer the phones to the amazing product that is consistently delicious to the friendly delivery drivers! This shop hands down is the best in the desert! Daily deals are amazing! Keep up the great work!


Love og

5.0 rating
February 23, 2020

I absolutely love og discount! Best buds and best prices. I’m just super sad about losing my tenth donation gift to the system reboot☹️. Other than that love you guys


Love their wax

5.0 rating
February 17, 2020

Honestly love their wax and their prices are wonderful . I even fell in love with the 24 killa go flower . ( :


Best Driver

5.0 rating
February 13, 2020

Dawn is one of the best delivery driver around, she always have a positive, and great spirit. Thanks Dawn.


Great Products!

5.0 rating
January 30, 2020

OG Discount Pharmacy is my #1 stop. They never disappoint. Great customer service, on time delivery, and great products! Oh! The $50 board is the best deal! Thanks OG Discount Pharmacy!

Georgia Hudson

Hey please read

5.0 rating
January 24, 2020

Hey everyone I ordered today and as a returning patient but they never disappoint always best strains and best customer service.

Joseph Chavez

The best deals

5.0 rating
January 22, 2020

Just got some dripolato and the highzenbuds on special. Both have a dank smell and I can’t wait to try them. Good job to Chantel and Jennifer and all delivery peeps.


Good job Og Discount

5.0 rating
January 8, 2020

Been with you guys for many years and the daily specials still rock. Got my fav of Sticky Icky cake which is always bomb. Thanks to Chantel for her friendly customer service. It is always a blast to talk to you. Good job to all delivery peeps.

Montenegro. F

Super friendly and super fast service

5.0 rating
December 31, 2019

Jennifer was super nice and very knowledgeable on the menu. She made some recommendations and the product was superb. Alan delivered my order and was chill and relatable. Thanks for the great service.



5.0 rating
December 30, 2019

I was recommended by my aunt who’s been a long time customer when I moved up here and I love them! The people are so nice and are always so helpful! They’re also understanding with last minute orders when I get off work late! Love their happy hour deals and the only shop with a free edible with each order! 420 STARS

Carolann Grossmann

Dank and convenient

5.0 rating
December 24, 2019

I order here all the time and the service is always great! The best place, even open on the holidays, can’t wait to light up these trees!

Rae Yanez

Perfect Everything!

5.0 rating
December 21, 2019

Excellent customer service and great timing with deliveries. Always on point never any issues. Bomb selection to choose from for great prices all day. Best in the HD for sure!

Melissa R.

Perfect everything!

5.0 rating
December 21, 2019

Great customer service everything always goes quick and on point..never any issues. Bomb selections to choose through. Great prices all day. Nothin but fire. Best in the HD for sure!!

Melissa R

Great job

5.0 rating
December 7, 2019

A shout out to Clara and my driver, taking longer than usual last couple times, but no problem. Had little problem, didn’t get my happy hour gram, they brought back like 2 hrs later not even something extra. But to this day, I’ve never gone anywhere else!!!



5.0 rating
November 28, 2019

Amazing service, great flower quality in a timely order. I don’t remember my budtender’s name but she was helpful answering all of my questions. Will definitely be returning in the near future.

Chris G

Good prices amazing product

5.0 rating
November 26, 2019

I haven’t had one bad product everything is tasty and amazing

Raymie Cloud

The best in the west...

5.0 rating
November 23, 2019

I’ve been dealing with Og Discount for years and the crew never fails… My goto always 💯



5.0 rating
November 21, 2019

Always satisfied, staff is very attentive, orders are always on point .



5.0 rating
November 21, 2019

Always satisfied, friendly staff and timely service. Orders are on point and staff is very knowledgeable.


The best place to get your greens!!

5.0 rating
November 20, 2019

The staff/ employee’s are great people very friendly , they really take care of you i have been going to them for years because of the service and staff literally have had no issues with them , orders are always right and they know their products.

Dereck Limon

Old School Customer Service

5.0 rating
November 19, 2019

I have been using OG Discount for my medical marijuana needs for years now. The staff are always friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. My order is always correct and the one time that it wasn’t, they more than made up for it. And free edibles with every order? Five Stars!!

Greg Carthew
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